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AU BB - Master Art Post
Artwork for the wonderful story written by catw00man andzippitgood: A New Dawn


(Sorry about the size of the next picture, I don't know how to resize!)


Ed makes his way to the wooden chair at the foot of the bed and fists his hands once he sits down. The faint worry he’s felt ever since stepping into the hospital multiples by the minute and it makes him sick. This is the last person he wants to be worried about, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for his injuries either.


“Well that was surprisingly considerate of you, bastard.” Roy looks over to see Ed stretched out on his office couch as if he actually had nowhere better to be. “I guess you might have a heart after all.” He digs the toe of his boot into the end of the couch as he adds, “She really was looking pretty rough, wasn’t she?”

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First off I just have to thank you for the gorgeous artwork. I have to be honest, it beyond exceeded my hopes and expectations! The picture of Roy and Ed with his reluctant concern is better than I could have imagined! :-D You really have illustrated the moment beautifully. That alone would have been more than generous, but then you really out did yourself with the header and other picture of Ed.

That was EXACTLY how I imagined Ed looking as he lounged on Roy's couch! The careless look on his face is priceless and I adore how you captured him. Thank you so much for the very thoughtful artwork. I'm so, so impressed and I'm very glad you enjoyed the story.

Thanks again!

Ah, thank you my dear! I'm so very glad you liked my art. I'm rather proud of how both pieces came out so the fact that you liked them makes me very happy indeed!

I'm rather tempted to draw more scenes from this story!

It was a true pleasure to work with both you and zippitgood :3 Thank you!

I have to second catw00man and thank you for the wonderful art! It's absolutely gorgeous and captures the moments you chose to depict so wonderfully. I love Ed's sullen expression and body language when he's sitting in that chair and how he's almost trying to hide his reluctant concern by disappearing into his clothes. The collar of his shirt up against his face is adorable.

I adore the overlay of the alchemic array on the picture of Ed on the couch as the header. The picture is also just perfect with the lazy, indolent way he's sitting on the couch and the way the ease and comfort seem to roll off the couch along Ed's arm hanging off. Just like our names are in the header version. :D

Thank you so much for choosing our story and making these awesome pieces!

Thank you very much m'dear! I'm so very glad you like my art. :D

It was a true pleasure working with both you and catw00man


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