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Silent Hell - Charles/Erik | NC-17
Art Prompt Title: 1024
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: starkmaddness

Fic Title: Silent Hell
Author: onaxe
X-Men Verse: XMFC
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik, PyramidHead/Charles
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: violence, mild gore, past abuse, attempted rape/non-con, internal homophobia, general horror vibes... shall I go on? :)

Summary: A simple note sends Charles Xavier on a horrifying journey into his own personal hell, fuelled only by his determination to save Erik; the man he thought lost to him forever.

Edit: I apologise that the majority of the story appears to have been cut off, it's a bug with my laptop I think. Currently trying to fix it, please bear with me. :)

'Come to Silent Hill. I'm waiting'.

His head hurt. A dull, throbbing pain that pervaded through his skull in a slow, beating rhythm. Charles allowed himself a small groan as he roused himself to full consciousness, blinking a few times to clear the thin film covering his eyes before he managed to focus. He was sitting in the drivers seat of a car, slumped over the steering wheel, his forehead resting heavily against the hard piping.

Slowly shifting back, Charles lifted his head, gingerly pressing his fingers to the tender skin of his forehead as he took in the sight of the front of the car through the cracks splayed over the windshield like a spider's web. It was completely wrecked, clearly having smashed head-long into the thick trunk of an oak tree, the front hood a crumpled mass of metal that only Erik would be able to make use of. Steam from the engine escaped from underneath the former hood in streams, rising and curling in the air to merge with the thick fog that hung heavily all around him.

Charles winced at the damage, silently mourning the loss of the pale blue Morris Minor, the same car he and Erik had traversed about the country in during their trip to recruit fellow mutants for their CIA endorsed mission. The passenger seat still had the make shift arm rests where Erik had twisted the underlining metal of the chair in a fit of boredom during a particularly long drive. Charles had been conflicted on whether to scold Erik for ruining the car interior, or to praise him for an impressive and rather creative display of his powers.

"Splendid," Charles muttered grimly to himself, grimacing when he the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth. He ran a tongue over his bottom lip, wincing when he found it split open. That must have happened at some point during the crash, probably when he'd managed to smash his head against the steering wheel hard enough to knock himself unconscious.

Twisting in his seat, Charles reached into his pants back pocket, fishing out a crumpled piece of scrap paper. Smoothing it out on his leg, he ran a finger over the messy scrawl of black ink, the loops and curves of the handwriting almost illegible but for the fact Charles had plenty of practice in deciphering it.

Come to Silent Hill. I'm waiting.

"Erik," Charles breathed, gazing at the note for a few moments more before carefully folding it in half and returning it to his pocket.

With a renewed sense of determination, Charles opened the door and stepped out of the car, wincing as his stiff joints ached in protest from the movement. A faint whisper of consciousness flickered through his mind, giving him pause. Cautiously, Charles reached out with his powers whilst glancing up and down the road. The fog was too thick to see any further than a few feet either way, and he couldn't sense any other minds within his range which, even without the help of Cerebro, was a considerable distance. Whatever minor consciousness he'd picked up just then had already vanished.

Feeling slightly unnerved, Charles took a steadying breath before starting up the road in the direction the car had been facing, inwardly reveling in the sensation of his muscles stretching as he strode up the cement covered slope. After being paralyzed, Charles would never again take for granted the simple ability to walk, or even to stand up by himself, without any form of assistance.

The further Charles walked up the road, the thicker the fog seemed to become. It wasn't until his leg muscles began to burn from exertion and the fog had become so thick he could barely see the road beneath his feet that Charles saw the sign, though only until he almost walked into it. He squinted at the black silhouette for a moment before the fog appeared to lift a little, revealing the formerly golden letters, now weathered to a dull brown, splayed out over the peeling black paint of the wooden board.

Welcome to Silent Hill

He was this close to town and still hadn't managed to pick up on any sense of a living mind in the near vicinity, a fact that left Charles feeling rather uneasy. Still, he knew Erik was in the town somewhere and, taking strength from that, he soldiered onwards.

The first thing Charles noticed as he walked into Silent Hill, was, ironically, the silence. It wasn't just the quiet left without the chatter and bustle of human activity, or the lack of cars and other vehicles speeding down the roads. It was an unnatural silence, without even the whisper of a breeze or the twitter of a bird to break it.

The buildings themselves were decrepit, some looking in danger of collapsing in on themselves. The windows were all completely covered in thick layers of dust and grime. Charles attempted to use his coat sleeve to wipe some of it away from a shop window, but it appeared to coated on both sides leaving it impossible for Charles to gaze through into the inside.

He tried the door, surprised to find it unlocked. Peering into the dark room, he saw that the shop was neat and orderly, displays set up ready for opening time.

"Hello?" he called out from the doorway, unable to help himself. Even though he could sense no one, the sound of his own voice helped to lift the iron curtain of silence, if only momentarily. "Is anyone here? Anyone?" He paused, before calling in a softer voice. "Erik?"

No-one answered him. He flicked the light switch next to the door a couple of times, the room stubbornly remaining shrouded in shadow as the lights refused to turn on. He hesitated for only a moment before he backed out of the shop, shutting the door firmly behind him, an instinctively human fear of the dark and the unknown preventing him from breaching the dark room.

Charles found himself wishing he'd come across some other form of life, even if it was only a simple minded creature like a dog or a cat. Anything would be better than the deafening silence that seemed to have engulfed him, leaving him feeling utterly alone in the world.

It was so strange, almost as if the entire town had been completely deserted, left to rot and decay as it was neglected, slowly falling to ruin.

Dying, Charles mused to himself. This town is dying.

Heading further into the empty town, he came across a car parked diagonally in the middle of the road, its front doors left hanging wide open. It was another Morris Minor, in the same powder blue as the car Charles had left totaled back on the hill outside of town. The windows were covered in the same thick layer of grime as the buildings, but the open door revealed a completely clean interior that looked brand new.

As Charles gave the car a curious once-over, he noticed that the front windshield was laced with spiderweb cracks and that the tires had been slashed, rendering them useless and flat. He patted the hood of the car, his lips quirked in what could only be described as an insincere smile.

"No wonder you were abandoned," he sai

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I hope this gets fixed, I'm really looking forward to reading your fic. :)

Same. I keep checking back...

And me five! I really want to read thiiiis!

Still hoping this gets fixed and the full story posted.

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